Napier Trek 2022 - Solomon Berhe Tours

Join us on our next available trek in 2022. Discover a remote and beautiful area, as yet relatively unexplored by many travellers. Solomon Berhe Tours will be leading a group following the route taken by General Napier in 1868. The journey can be enjoyed wholly on foot, or in part on a riding mule. Breathtaking scenery and the very warm hospitality of the local people ensure an unforgettable experience. We will be travelling through the varied and at times challenging terrain found in this part of Ethiopia. The stunning landscape provides an exciting challenge for any keen trekker.

The trek from Lake Hashengie to Magdala is a wonderful challenge for the adventurous trekker. Spectacular scenery and a challenging terrain make it an unforgettable experience. Passing through, at times very remote, unspoilt areas brings its own rewards. The friendly hospitality of the local people is an added bonus. Our final campsite on top of the Amba at Magdala is at a height of just over 3000 metres. There is a stunning view from this former military stronghold of King Teodros, a marvellous finale to our exciting journey. The seige at Magdala took place in 1868 and was the main reason for the journey made by by General Napier. He began at the Red Sea Coast travelling about 391 miles from Kumayli, across Eritrea into Ethiopia via Lake Hashengie on up to Magdala. Our trek begins besides the lake and covers only about 150 miles. Negotiation between King Teodros and the British Government failed to reach an agreement. Finally in August 1867, the cabinet granted 2 million pounds to mount an expedition, led by General Napier to rescue the British hostages held captive by King Teodros at Magdala. Soldiers from four regiments, the Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers and Infantry took part.Over 35,000 pack animals including camels, together with 44 elephants made the difficult journey. The Historical perspective adds another dimension to the trek,but for those uninterested in such matters,the journey itself,on mule or by foot makes the whole trip so worthwhile. Following the same route taken by General Napier allows you to enjoy the truly varied topography of the landscape, thoroughly unspoilt and rarely visited by foreign travellers. Please contact us for further details through our e-mail address and consider joining our treks in 2022 or at another time by arrangement.

You may like to refer to the back issue of Country Life, March 18th 2004. The Napier trek is featured in an article in the Travel Supplement.

N.B. Other dates can be arranged for smaller groups of friends at the time of your choice weather/harvest permitting.

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